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[PDF] [EPUB] Children of the Holocaust Download by Paul R. Bartrop. Download Children of the Holocaust by Paul R. Bartrop in PDF EPUB format complete free.

Brief Summary of Book: Children of the Holocaust by Paul R. Bartrop

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This book is a comprehensive examination of the people, ideas, movements, and events related to the experience of children during the Holocaust. They range from children who kept diaries to adults who left memoirs to others who risked (and, sometimes, lost) their lives in trying to rescue Jewish children or spirit them away to safety in various countries. The book also provides examples of the nature of the challenges faced by children during the years before and during World War II. In many cases, it examines the very act of children’s survival and how this was achieved despite enormous odds. In addition to more than 125 entries, this book features ten illuminating primary source documents, ranging from personal accounts to Nazi statements regarding what the fate of Jewish children should be to statements from refugee leaders considering how to help Jewish children after World War II ended. These documents offer fascinating insights into the lives of students during the Holocaust and provide students and researchers with excellent source material for further research.

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  • Full Book Name: Children of the Holocaust
  • Author Name: Paul R. Bartrop
  • Book Genre:
  • ISBN # 9781440868528
  • Edition Language:
  • Date of Publication:
  • PDF / EPUB File Name: Children_of_the_Holocaust_-_Paul_R_Bartrop.pdf, Children_of_the_Holocaust_-_Paul_R_Bartrop.epub
  • PDF File Size: 12 MB
  • EPUB File Size: 6.0 MB

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Winterling Pdf free download. software

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