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This beautiful, unsettling Korean graphic novel combines text and art in an almost seamless way. Suee is a courageous but cynical twelve-year-old. Her parents have divorced. She lives with her recently demoted, depressed father. She is forced to move both home and school, from Bustle Elementary to Outskirts Elementary, and to a tiny house. She treats school bullies with sharp wit and cool dismissiveness. Her unusual gothic dress style and sharp hairstyle empower her. Hers is a fascinating moral journey, from being purely interested in survival to finding sympathy with others.

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The plot reflects folk, ghost, and horror lore. Sinister ‘Shadows’ destroy the identity of children, turn them into Zeroes, robotic creatures without shadows.

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Bullying teachers combine to exacerbate this, creating special classes after school for the despised Zeroes. Finally, Suee with two friends triumph over the evil forces, albeit temporarily, as at the end there is the suggestion that the battle will continue in a sequel.

The text gives a pronunciation guide to the Korean names. In the artwork the children are recognizably and refreshingly depicted as oriental children. There is wonderful variety in the illustrations, from double-page spreads to single page to seven or eight smaller images per page. My review is of a pre-publicatio proof copy where the images are almost all in black and white, which seems perfect for the subject matter. The published book will be in full colour. The palette promises to be appropriately dark, blacks, purples, reds.

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Ginger LyIllustrator:
Molly ParkPublisher:
Amulet BooksReviewer:
Celia KeenanPages:
£8.99Publication Date:
August 2017
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    Young Adult