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Stubby. Radio control sports model. Wing area 740 sq in, for .35 to .51 power.

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Quote: 'Stubby began life a couple of years ago due to the untimely demise or a modified Sig Kadet Seniorita. The Seniorita was modified to accommodate large barn door ailerons, and dihedral was reduced to 2in. A small bomb-bay was also added just ahead of the rear wheels. This airplane, while a good flier, was quite ill-fated. Its brief career was punctuated by engine and radio problems.

Its flying days were cut mercilessly short one fall day when the airplane was lost in a ground altercation with a dead stick pattern plane. The pattern plane won (and in fact, still wears some paint from the Seniorita as a warning to others). The wing was only slightly damaged, though the rest of the airplane was reduced to a very easy-to-carry (provided you have brought a bag) form. The parts were all saved and upon investigation at home, only the wing, the vertical tail, and the hardware was kept.

The following summer, a new fuselage was made with the following criteria in mind: I should not have to make a nose wheel, my hand should fit in the fuselage easily, it should have more drag (steeper approach), and it should Look like a Citabria. One week alter starting, an airplane that did not look like a Citabria was being test flown. While it did not look like the plane I had wanted it to look like, it did have a pleasant unique appearance and some even more pleasing flight characteristics. It went 'no hands' after 10 feet of its test flight.

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In the hands of an inexperienced pilot, the Stubby is a forgiving, gentle, slow first taibdragger than has excellent ground handling, and good stability in the air. In the hands or a more experienced pilot, it is a serious giggle machine!

Construction. Make a 'kit' of parts, and/or start with a Seniorita wing kit.


Tail Feathers: Start construction by building tail feathrs over the plans, using 1/4 in balsa for the fin and rudder, and 5/16 in balsa for the stabilizer and elevators. Use medium weight balsa for the perimeter pieces, and the central upright in the fin, and use lighter pieces for the bracing... '

Update 18/07/2016: Added article pages, thanks to davidterrell80.

Supplementary file notes

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Article pages, text and pics.

Stubby PDF Free Download


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