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Out of left field pdf free download windows 10I was just tasked to read in LDAP records so we could cross-reference userids with login identifiers and general ledger information.
Using SAS to read LDAP was a bit of a challenge. I had used C# to read LDAP before and had been successful at several engagements. However, I had never journeyed into SAS land on the LDAP front. The information on how to do it is sparse. More than that, LDAP is very, very sensitive to wrong information and the response when rnning the code is simply 'LDAP Failed'.
Out of Left Field PDF Free downloadLDAP provides a tremendous datasource for SAS developers.
Let me show you how to work with it:
1. Download and install LDAP browser by Softerra. It is crucial to help navigate the LDAP waters.
Out of left field pdf free download windows 102. Pick a simple LDAP server to start with. I will use Colorado State University. Lots of colleges have public LDAPs so they are perfect. For our example, we are going to find details on the faculty of the history dept (my undergrad was history).
Here are the specifics:
LDAP server:directory.colostate.edu
DNBase:ou=History (1776), ou=Faculty/Staff, dc=colostate, dc=edu

The SAS code is broken into 6 main pieces:
1. Connect to the server
2. Find the person we need
3. Parse the information
4. End the connection
5. Close the connection

Out Of Left Field PDF Free Download

6. Convert the XML into a dataset
Some notes on the above code:
1. The XML libname engine is used to do a conversion from vertical format (LDAP data is vertical) to a dataset layout. Since SAS handles this automagically with XML, why not use it instead of fancy data step.
2. Anyone can run the above code. The CSU LDAP server is in the public so why not.Field
3. Use LDAP Broser to determine the DNBase and other pertinent information needed. The tool is free and helps get the names and order correct.

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[UPDATE: For authenticated servers, you need to bind the user name. For example:



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base=' ou=History (1776), ou=Faculty/Staff, dc=colostate, dc=edu';
Pw='your password';

Out Of Left Field Pdf Free Download Windows 10


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