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Mistystar sat still for a moment as the realization that Firestar's words were true sunk in. Mixed feelings of awe and gratitude washed over her. 'Thank you,' was all she could think to say. Firestar stood to his paws, 'I better be on my way now before my Clan starts worrying about me.' View, comment, download and edit mistystar Minecraft skins. Mistystar discover's Mothwing's secret and must do whatever is best for her clan, though the solution is not the one that first springs to mind. This Warriors ebook was more exciting to read than Hollyleaf's story because there was more action, and interaction among several different cats; whereas in Hollyleaf's Story, it was just Hollyleaf.

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Mistystar' s omen pdf free download pc

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Once again, apologies for the late upload. I'm really, really busy. I haven't really been motivated to write lately either… Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this! :)

Setting: Takes place during Fading Echoes.

Firestar and Mistystar

Mistystar sat alone on the lakeshore; overhead stars shimmered in the night sky. Everything was silent, and she couldn't help but sigh in relief. The last few days had been difficult, never before had she grasped how burdening being a Clan leader was. There was so much to do, and even though she was stressed out but still had to maintain her composure for her Clanmates. 'Oh Leopardstar,' she murmured. 'I wish you were still here. I don't feel fit to lead this Clan.' She shook her head sadly. 'I'm sorry, I feel as if I'm letting you down, but I can't do this on my own. Please, I beg of you, send me a sign, something, anything! Just show me what I can do to better please you and all of StarClan.'

'Mistystar!' A voice called out, some cat was racing down the shore towards her.

Mistystar turned, frustrated at this newcomer for interrupting her. 'What do you want?' She spat angrily.

Pouncetail skidded to a stop, his eyes wide. 'I-I'm sorry,' he stammered, surprised at Mistystar's uncharacteristically angry response. 'Firestar is at our camp, and he's requested that you come talk with him.'

Mistystar's eyes narrowed. 'Fine.' She stood up slowly. Can't I ever get a break? She wondered miserably.

'We should be safe to talk here; this is usually where I go when I need some peace and quiet.' Mistystar settled down across from Firestar at her usual spot along the lakeshore. 'Now, what is it that you want to talk to me about?'

Firestar pawed at the ground in front of him nervously. 'Well, this may sound a bit strange, but I was told to. In a dream.'

Could this be an answer from Leopardstar? Mistystar couldn't hide her excitement. 'Was it Leopardstar? Did she ask you to come here?'

Firestar nodded with a surprised expression on his face. 'Yes, do you know why she wanted me to come talk to you?'

Mistystar hesitated. Was it really a wise idea to show weakness to another Clan leader?

'ThunderClan is willing to help RiverClan in any way that we can. Please, if you're in trouble just let me know, I won't ask for anything in return.' Firestar said earnestly.

'RiverClan isn't in any danger,' Mistystar began cautiously.

Firestar frowned. 'What's wrong then?'

'What's wrong is that RiverClan is being led by an unfit leader,' Mistystar admitted.

Realization flickered in Firestar's emerald eyes. 'You don't feel worthy to lead your Clan? That's ridiculous! There's not another cat in RiverClan more suited to be leader.'

Mistystar dipped her head. 'I appreciate your kind words, but I'm not the incredible leader that every cat seems to think that I am. These past few days have been miserable, and frankly I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. There's so much pressure! I can't ever make any mistakes, and I'm always busy with so much to organize!'

An amused grin spread out across Firestar's face. 'That's all part of being a leader! No cat ever said it would be easy.'

'I suppose so.' Mistystar replied.

'Have faith in yourself,' Firestar continued. 'Leopardstar chose you to be her deputy because she trusted you to make the right decisions for RiverClan. You don't need to try to emulate her, lead your Clan the way that you think you should. I guarantee you that Leopardstar wants it that way.'

Mistystar sat still for a moment as the realization that Firestar's words were true sunk in. Mixed feelings of awe and gratitude washed over her. 'Thank you,' was all she could think to say.

Firestar stood to his paws, 'I better be on my way now before my Clan starts worrying about me.'

Mistystar nodded, 'Of course.' Though she wished Firestar would stay longer and continue to talk with her. That's ridiculous. She mentally scolded herself. He has his Clan to tend to and you have yours.

As he left, Firestar called out over his shoulder, 'If you ever need to talk again, just let me know!'

Mistystar watched him pad away, harboring an odd feeling that she couldn't think to identify.

'And that is all, the prey is plentiful and ShadowClan is as strong and healthy as ever.' Blackstar concluded his report.

Nearly a moon had passed since Firestar had talked with Mistystar, and ever since she hadn't been able to keep him out of her mind. She'd spent many nights wide awake, unable to get the handsome ginger tom out of her mind.

At first she denied any notion that she might have feelings for the ThunderClan leader, but as time passed she slowly realized that she did indeed have feelings for Firestar. Powerful feelings. It didn't take long until she was completely

'Mistystar, would you like to speak next?' Firestar peered down at Mistystar.

Mistystar nearly froze at the mention of her name, but responded timidly, 'Yes, I would.' She cleared her throat nervously. 'Cats of all Clans, I have news to report to all of you. I am officially retiring from my position as leader of RiverClan.'

Shocked murmurs broke out among the cats. Mistystar decided to ignore them and waited for the cats to quiet down.

'Why in StarClan's name are you retiring?' Blackstar demanded.

'I have decided to retire because I am in love with a cat from another Clan.' Mistystar replied more confidently.

Cats jumped to their paws, and cries of outrage erupted all across the clearing.

'How dare she!'

'Does the Warrior Code mean nothing to her?'

'She is a disgrace to the Clans!'

'StarClan sent this cat to me in my time of need, and I believe that they intend us to be together.' She turned to face Firestar. 'I can hide my feelings no longer. Firestar, I love you.'

Surprise and confusion lit up Firestar's face, and Mistystar realized that he probably didn't return her feelings. She immediately dropped from the oak tree and tore off, away from all the other cats. She raced across the falling tree and continued to run until the tears in her eyes clouded her vision.

Mistystar stopped and fell to the ground. What have I done? I'm such a mouse-brained idiot! How could I've ever believed that he could possibly have any feelings for me? She shook uncontrollably as sobs overtook her. Oh Firestar, I'm so sorry!

'Mistystar?' A voice asked tentatively. 'Is everything alright?'

Mistystar whirled to face the newcomer. 'Firestar!' She gasped.

'You left so quickly, I saw you take off in this direction and I was worried about you.'

'I'm fine,' Mistystar lied. She was anything but fine. 'I'm sorry about that.'

Mistystar' S Omen Pdf Free Download Pc

'Why are you sorry?'

'I embarrassed you in front of all those cats,' Mistystar said sadly.

Firestar simply chuckled, 'You know, you never gave me a chance to reply.'

Mistystar shot up immediately. 'What-?'

Firestar's eyes softened. 'Mistystar, I love you too.'

Mistystar' S Omen Pdf free. download full

A happy ending! I usually don't end my stories this way but I suppose I should every now and then ;)

Mistystar' S Omen Pdf Free Download Windows 10

I don't really like this story, but I'll upload it anyway! Hopefully some of you enjoy it, leave me a review telling me what you thought of it! Thanks :)