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Maggie is a common short form of the name Margaret, Magda, Magdalena, Margarida and Magnolia.

Maggie may refer to:



  • Maggie Adamson, Shetland musician
  • Maggie Aderin-Pocock (born 1968), British scientist
  • Maggie Alderson (born 1959), Australian author
  • Maggie Alphonsi (born 1983), English rugby union player
  • Maggie Anderson (born 1948), American poet
  • Maggie Anderson (activist) (born 1971), American activist
  • Maggie Atkinson (born 1956), English educator
  • Maggie Ausburn (born 1978), American TV actor
  • Maggie Baird (born 1959), American actress
  • Maggie Bandur (born 1974), American television writer
  • Maggie Barrie (born 1996), Sierra Leonean sprinter
  • Maggie Barry (born 1959), New Zealand politician
  • Maggie Batson (born 2003), American actress
  • Maggie Baylis (1912-1997), American graphic designer
  • Maggie Beer (born 1945), Australian cook
  • Maggie Behle (born 1980), American Paralympic alpine skier
  • Maggie Bell (born 1945), Scottish vocalist
  • Maggie Benedict (born 1981), South African actress
  • Maggie Betts, American filmmaker
  • Maggie Björklund, Danish guitarist
  • Maggie Black (1930-2015), American ballet teacher
  • Maggie Blanc, American television producer
  • Maggie De Block (born 1962), Belgian politician
  • Maggie Blye (1942-2016), American actress
  • Maggie Borg (1952-2004), Maltese activist
  • Maggie Boyle (1956-2014), English singer
  • Maggie Bridges (born 1992), American beauty pageant titleholder
  • Maggie Brown (born 1948), American playwright
  • Maggie Brown (singer) (born 1963), American singer
  • Maggie Browne (1864-1937), English author
  • Maggie Butt, British poet
  • Maggie Calloway (born 1910), Filipino actress
  • Maggie Campbell-Culver, English historian
  • Maggie Carey (born 1975), American director
  • Maggie Carlton (born 1957), American politician
  • Maggie Carver (born 1964), English businesswoman
  • Maggie Cassella, American-Canadian actress
  • Maggie Chan (born 1975), Hong Kong long-distance runner
  • Maggie Chapman (born 1979), Zimbabwean-Scottish politician
  • Maggie Chapman (singer) (born 1997), American singer-songwriter
  • Maggie Chen (born 1957), Chinese actress
  • Maggie Cheung (born 1964), Hong Kong actress
  • Maggie Cheung Ho-yee (born 1969), Hong Kong actress
  • Maggie Chiang (born 1980), Taiwanese singer
  • Maggie Civantos (born 1984), Spanish actress
  • Maggie Cline (1857-1934), American singer
  • Maggie Cogan (born 1943), American resident
  • Maggie Coles-Lyster (born 1999), Canadian cyclist
  • Maggie Collins, Australian announcer
  • Maggie Cronin, Irish actress
  • Maggie Crotty (born 1948), Democratic member
  • Maggie Cusack, English professor
  • Maggie Eckford (born c. 1986), uses the stage name Ruelle (singer), American singer-songwriter
  • Maggie Culver Fry, American poet
  • Maggie Davis, British politician
  • Maggie Dence (born 1942), Australian film actress
  • Maggie Dent (born 1955), Australian author
  • Maggie Diaz (1925-2016), Australian photographer
  • Maggie Dixon (1977-2006), American basketball player
  • Maggie Doyne (born 1987), American philanthropist
  • Maggie Edmond (born 1946), Australian architect
  • Maggie Estep (1963-2014), American writer
  • Maggie Ferguson (born 1952), Australian violinist
  • Maggie Fitzgibbon (born 1929), Australian actress
  • Maggie Flecknoe (born 1983), American voice actress
  • Maggie Friedman, American screenwriter
  • Maggie Furey (1955-2016), British writer
  • Maggie Gallagher (born 1960), American writer
  • Maggie Geha (born 1988), American actress
  • Maggie George, American educator
  • Maggie Gobran (born 1949), Coptic Orthodox lady
  • Maggie Gordon-Smith, British track cyclist
  • Maggie Grace (born 1983), American actress noted for her role in the TV series Lost
  • Maggie Gray, American set decorator
  • Maggie Greenwald (born 1955), American filmmaker
  • Maggie Gripenberg (born 1881-1976), Finnish dancer
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal (born 1977), American actress
  • Maggie Haberman (born 1973), American journalist
  • Maggie Hadleigh-West (born 1958), American filmmaker
  • Maggie Hall (1853-1888), Irish prostitute
  • Maggie Hamilton (born 1867), Scottish artist
  • Maggie Han (born 1959), American actress
  • Maggie Haney (born 1978), American coach
  • Maggie Hannan (born 1962), English poet
  • Maggie Hassan (born 1958), American attorney and politician
  • Maggie Hathaway (born 1911), American singer
  • Maggie Helwig (born 1961), Canadian poet
  • Maggie Hemingway (1946-1993), British novelist
  • Maggie Hickey (born 1946), Australian politician
  • Maggie Hill (born 1898), English career criminal
  • Maggie Hogan (born 1979), American Olympic athlete
  • Maggie Holland, English singer-songwriter
  • Maggie Jeffus (born 1934), Democratic educator
  • Maggie Jenkins (born 2001), New Zealand footballer
  • Maggie Jones (1934–2009), British actress
  • Maggie Jones (blues musician) (born 1894), American singer
  • Maggie Jones (born 1955), British politician
  • Maggie Elizabeth Jones (born 2003), American actress
  • Maggie Hardy Knox (born 1965), American billionaire businesswoman
  • Maggie Lindemann (born 1998), American singer
  • Maggie Kirkpatrick (born 1941), Australian actress
  • Maggie McNamara (1928–1978), American actress
  • Maggie Noach (1949–2006), English literary agent
  • Maggie Nichols (born 1997), American gymnast
  • Maggie Blue O'Hara (born 1975), Canadian actress
  • Maggie Q (born 1979), American actress Margaret Quigley
  • Maggie Qin (born 1989), Chinese actress
  • Maggie Reilly (born 1956), Scottish singer
  • Maggie de la Riva (born 1942), Filipina film actress
  • Maggie Rogers (born 1994), American musician
  • Maggie Siff (born 1974), American actress
  • Maggie Smith (born 1934), English actress
  • Maggie Tabberer (born 1936), Australian fashion personality
  • Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013), the first female UK prime minister
  • Maggie de Vries (born 1961), Canadian writer
  • Maggie Axe Wachacha (1894-1993), Eastern Band Cherokee woman

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Fictional characters[edit]

  • Captain Maggie Beckett, from the American TV series Sliders
  • Maggie Blackamoor, character from the British comedy sketch programme Little Britain
  • Maggie Cadabby, Abby Cadabby's mother in Sesame Street
  • Maggie Doyle, from the Australian police drama Blue Heelers
  • Maggie Greene, from the American comic book and TV series The Walking Dead
  • Maggie O'Connell, one of the main characters of the TV series Northern Exposure
  • Margaret 'Maggie' Pollitt (also called 'Maggie the Cat'), from Tennessee Williams' 1955 play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
  • Maggie Pesky, cartoon character in the TV series The Buzz on Maggie
  • Maggie Horton, on the American soap opera Days of Our Lives
  • Maggie Sawyer, police officer in the Batman and Superman comic books
  • Maggie Schultz, title character in the 1990 children's book Muggie Maggie by Beverly Cleary
  • Maggie Simpson, on the television series The Simpsons
  • Maggie Sloane, from the Australian TV series A Country Practice
  • Maggie Stone, on the American soap opera All My Children
  • Maggie Walsh, on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Maggie, a main character in the American comic strip Bringing Up Father
  • Maggie, the Cardcaptors name for the Cardcaptor Sakura character Maki Matsumoto, voiced by Nicole Oliver
  • Maggie, the human protagonist of the Canadian animated TV series Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
  • Maggie, a supporting character in the 2003 Japanese anime Gungrave
  • Maggie, a cow from Disney's 2004 film Home on the Range
  • Margarita Luisa 'Maggie' Chascarrillo, a character in the comics series Love and Rockets
  • Margarita 'Maggie' Emilia Vera, character in Charmed


  • Maggie the Macaque, a monkey from the Bowmanville Zoo, Toronto, Canada, known for making hockey predictions


  • Maggie (musical), a 1977 stage musical by Michael Wild based on J.M. Barrie's play What Every Woman Knows
  • Maggie, a 2015 post-apocalyptichorrordrama film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin and Joely Richardson
  • Maggi, a brand of seasonings, instant soups and noodles
  • Maggie, an upcoming American television series.

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