How To Outswim A Shark Without A Snorkel PDF Free Download

Join us in the water and snorkel or freedive with sharks without a cage! Take a unique guided opportunity to see for yourself just how incredible these animals are.

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Learn from the experts, the safest, most respectful way to interact with and enjoy sharing the water with these incredible animals. During this tour our trained and certified guides will explain the latest shark research, shark biology, physiology, behavior, and specifics on body language from a marine biologist/shark specialist.

This tours staff has a 100% perfect safety record

What to Expect

How To Outswim A Shark Without A Snorkel PDF Free Download

We'll start the day motoring out from the Haleiwa Harbor. A 30 minute boat ride to the shark snorkeling location is an enjoyable way to see the North Shore, Oahu coastline while your expert and knowledgable shark guides gives an informational presentation on different sea life and marine biology details of the area.
And of course you will learn about the resident shark population that you are about to meet up close and personal.

Once at the snorkel site, the boat crew will begin to hand out all necessary snorkel gear and provide instruction on how to best use the equipment.

Next, the boat ladder is let down and your able to get in the water. A safety line is tied from bow to stern (front to back of the boat) and you will hold onto this line while floating facedown in the water with snorkel and mask on.


And that is when you will first observe the Galapagos shark population swimming all around you. You will quickly notice that the sharks are not interested in you or the boat, and you can observe these beautiful creatures with comfort and confidence. You will also be given the options (ocean conditions pending) to dive below the surface with your shark snorkel guide and face the sharks eye to eye.

This highly educational program is great for all ages.

Other Information



Options to sign up for GoPro of your dive. Additional $50, Sign up when you book. Remind your safety diver you signed up so they know what you look like/Who you are.

How To Outswim A Shark Without A Snorkel Pdf Free Download Free

- Best chance to see sharks, whales, and dolphins in the wild

- In water shark sightings guaranteed.

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- Please Arrive 30 minutes Early for Check-In & Parking