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Flying dragons is the common name of gliding lizards in the genus Draco, particularly the species Draco volans.

It may also refer to:

In entertainment:

  • Flying Dragon series of video games created by Culture Brain known as Hiryu no Ken in Japan
    • Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll, the first game in the series
  • Flying Dragon (Calder), an Alexander Calder sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago
  • 'The Flying Dragon', 1966 season 2 episode from Mystery and Imagination

In science:

  • A cultivar of Trifoliate orange
  • Xianglong, a gliding lizard of the Cretaceous period

Flying The Dragon Pdf free. download full

In geography:

Flying The Dragon PDF Free Download

Flying The Dragon Pdf Free Download Free

  • Thang Long, the old name of Hanoi, Vietnam

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Other uses:

  • Flying Dragons (gang), a Chinese-American organized crime group
  • A trademark of Yomeishu that is said to be the first trademark in Japan in 1603. The trademark was given by the shōgunIeyasu Tokugawa.
  • SAC-46 „Flying Dragon“, handgun, USA

Flying The Dragon PDF Free Download

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