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Colorful, cheeky and cheerful, Harley Quinn is once again on the Suicide Squad…and once again creating all kinds of problems for Amanda Waller and anyone else who wrongs her.


A thief and occasional killer-for-hire, Captain Boomerang is self-serving and unpredictable. And yet, much like his weapon of choice, he always seems to return when you need him.

Abner Krill may look a little ridiculous, but when he releases his deadly inter-dimensional polka dots, there will be no one left standing. In fact, there’s likely to be no one left at all.

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Dc Comics Ultimate Character Guide Pdf Free Download Version

Is Superman the strongest Super Hero alive? Where is Wonder Woman from? Is Darkseid the most evil Super-Villain ever? Who is the fastest man alive? Who are Batman's allies?
Have to know the answers to these questions? Look no further than the DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide: New Edition. Written by DC Comics experts, this illustrated encyclopedia features more than 200 incredible characters and Super Hero teams, including Batman, Harley Quinn, Justice League, and so many more.
The DC Comics Universe changed forever following their epic Rebirth event, and so did the characters. This comprehensive guide covers the latest key story lines for each character and includes stunning new images from the comics. It is also packed full of vital statistics and explains each character's super powers, from indestructibility to sorcery.
The DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide: New Edition is guaranteed to enthral fans for hours on end.
TM & © DC Comics.

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