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Little Big Book of Feelings is a great activity book for kids age 4-8 to help them express their big feelings. DOWNLOAD NOW » Author: Jillian D. Publisher: ISBN:. Category: Page: 96. Little Big Book of Feelings is a great activity book for kids age 4-8 to help them express their big feelings. Printable Word Searches. All of our word search puzzles are available to download and print as either a pdf or an image. We have included the 20 most popular puzzles below, but you can find hundreds more by browsing the categories at the bottom, or visiting our homepage. Print This Puzzle. Print This Puzzle. Print This Puzzle. Print This Puzzle. Feelings List Accepting / Open Calm Centered Content Fulfilled Patient Peaceful Present Relaxed Serene Trusting Aliveness / Joy Amazed Awe Bliss Delighted Eager Ecstatic Enchanted Energized Engaged Enthusiastic Excited Free Happy Inspired Invigorated Lively Passionate Playful Radiant Refreshed Rejuvenated Renewed Satisfied Thrilled Vibrant.

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The Boy With Big Big Feelings

Author :Britney Winn Lee
ISBN :9781506454504
Genre :Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 45.11 MB
Format :PDF, Kindle
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'Meet a boy with a heart so big, his feelings glow from his cheeks, spill out of his eyes, and jump up and down on his chest. What good is this giant heart?'--

The Boy With Big Big Feelings

Author :Britney Winn Lee
ISBN :9781506480220
Genre :Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 48.64 MB
Format :PDF, Mobi
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Meet a boy with feelings so big that they glow from his cheeks, spill out of his eyes, and jump up and down on his chest. When a loud truck drives by, he cries. When he hears a joke, he bursts with joy. When his loved ones are having a hard day, he feels their emotions as if they were his own. The boy tries to cope by stuffing down his feelings, but with a little help and artistic inspiration, the boy realizes his feelings are something to be celebrated. Written by debut picture book author Britney Winn Lee and boldly illustrated by Jacob Souva, The Boy with Big, Big Feelings is relatable for any child, but especially for children experiencing anxiety and extreme emotions, or who have been diagnosed with autism or as a Highly Sensitive Person.

Little Big Feelings

Author :Deb Mills
ISBN :1543970028
Genre :Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 54.89 MB
Format :PDF, ePub
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Did you know that it takes at least three deep breaths to make an impact on our nervous system, which is affected by the many emotions we experience every day? Learning to breathe deep is a simple and effective tool to help us feel calm and present. This is a tool we can teach our children to empower them to overcome negative emotions and to be present during positive ones. 'Little BIG Feelings' is a fun, colorful, friendly children's picture book written in rhyme that addresses different emotions children experience on a daily basis. It gives examples of circumstances that cause each emotion, lets children know that it is normal to feel them, and that everybody does, and teaches our children to breathe deep to process their emotions.

Skills For Big Feelings

Author :Casey O'Brien Martin
ISBN :1735517720
Genre :
File Size : 69.25 MB
Format :PDF, Docs
Download :750
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Are you an educator or mental health professional searching for a powerful all-in-one program for helping kids regulate their emotions, manage their anxiety, and cope with their feelings? Then this book is for you! Inside this heartfelt, comprehensive guide, you'll join School Adjustment Counselor and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Casey O'Brien Martin as she reveals a powerful, practical framework to help children cope with anxiety, overcome stress, and learn to thrive. Built on a selection of proven cognitive behavioral techniques, breathing exercises, and mindfulness, as well as engaging activities including stretching, gratitude, visualization and positive self-talk, Skills for Big Feelings seeks to empower kids to embrace their emotional growth over the course of a comprehensive 12-week plan.With over a dozen activities including accepting mistakes, identifying support systems, acknowledging triggers and much more, this complete guide provides educators and professionals alike with a detailed, objective-based framework for promoting optimal social-emotional health.Book details:?A Complete 12-Week Guide Designed For Teaching Relaxation, Regulation and Coping Techniques To Children Ages 6-12?Practical Tools and Advice For Clinicians and Educators, Including S.M.A.R.T. Treatment Plan and IEP Objectives, Family Handouts, Letters, and Surveys?A Fun 28-Page Coloring Workbook To Promote Stretches, Breathing Techniques, and Relaxation Skills?16 Trauma-Informed Guided Relaxation Scripts For Helping Kids Destress?Tips and Tricks To Help You Implement These Lessons In Individual, Small Group and Whole Classroom Settings?And a Wealth of Engaging Social-Emotional Activities Including Identifying and Accepting Feelings, Dealing With Unhelpful Thoughts, and MoreCasey and her colleagues have personally seen this program deliver huge results for their students. Arming children with the tools and knowledge they need to learn coping mechanisms and overcome anxiety is an essential part of their development into emotionally-healthy adults. Using the tried-and-tested Feeling-Breath-Thought-Skill framework, Skills for Big Feelings equips kids with these vital techniques and shows them how to thrive.

Fred S Big Feelings

Author :Laura Renauld
ISBN :9781534441224
Genre :Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 35.8 MB
Format :PDF, ePub
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An inspiring picture book biography about the inimitable Fred Rogers, beloved creator and star of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Fred Rogers was a quiet boy with big feelings. Sometimes, he felt scared or lonely; at other times, he was playful and joyous. But when Fred’s feelings felt too big, his Grandfather McFeely knew exactly what to say to make him feel better: I like you just the way you are. Fred grew up and created Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, the television program that would go on to warm the hearts and homes of millions of Americans. But one day, the government threatened to cut funding for public television, including Fred’s show. So, Fred stepped off the set and into a hearing on Capitol Hill to make his feelings known. In a portrait full of warmth and feeling, Laura Renauld and award-winning illustrator Brigette Barrager tell the story of Mister Rogers: a quiet, compassionate hero whose essential message—that it is okay to have and to express feelings—still resonates today. This book is not associated with or authorized by Fred Rogers Productions.

Big Feelings Bigger God

Author :Michele Howe
ISBN :1649380232
Genre :
File Size : 84.76 MB
Format :PDF
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With Big Feelings, Bigger God, give your kids the tools to navigate their emotions in healthy ways in an increasingly complex world. Whether our kids are facing anger, sadness, fear, or joy, emotions are overwhelming and understanding these feelings requires a higher level of understanding. How can you as a parent, teacher, or guardian teach your kids about emotions in fun, simple ways? Show your kids that emotions are a healthy part of life and were given to us by God for our good with an activity-packed devotional! Big Feelings, Bigger God will equip you and your kids to: Identify strong emotions Understand and process feelings in healthy ways Practically apply Bible principles to emotions Find belonging in relating to other kids through true-to-life stories And more! 13 Weeks of Life Changing Devotions About Emotions! From social media to virtual learning, there are situations that bring up strong feelings that kids are having to experience for the first time. This 13-week devotional is designed for boys and girls ages 6-9 who are learning how to identify, understand, and handle their ever-changing big emotions. Big Feelings, Bigger God offers young readers (and their families) true-to-life stories that depict the entire range of emotions children (and adults) experience. Each chapter contains a week's worth (six) of daily devotions which include: A short, kid-friendly memory verse from the book of Psalms True to life stories and Bible stories A 'Think About It' section with three suggested life application exercises to encourage finding comfort and hope in God's Word A fun 'Take Action' activity to cement the biblical truth in the child's heart A brief prayer model to encourage an ongoing dialogue with God. Big Feelings, Bigger God also offers specific life situations that reveal and then deal with: Anger Happiness Frustration Joy Irritability Peacefulness Discouragement Courage Depression Compassion Understanding Selflessness If there's an emotion, Big Feelings, Bigger God explores it through age-appropriate storytelling. Paperback, 128 pages, 6 x 9 inches, ISBN 9781649380234. About the Author Michele Howe is the author of more than twenty books, including RoseKidz's Living Bravely and 52 Visual Bible Verse Devotions. She has published over 1,000 articles and has been featured on radio shows across the country speaking on parenting and women's health issues. Michelle currently resides in La Salle, Michigan.

The Girl With Big Big Questions

Author :Britney Winn Lee
ISBN :9781506474069
Genre :Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 68.8 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Docs
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'Why can't people live on the moon?' 'Can I be president when I grow up?' 'What makes a person good?' These are just some of the questions that bubble forth from one little girl with twinkling eyes and a curious mind. When the girl finds that her big questions make some people uncomfortable, she stops. But then she learns that her questions can solve problems and that asking questions is how we learn and grow. Celebrate the spirit of curiosity and the joy of learning with this lively picture book about a persistent girl and her quest for knowledge. From the author and illustrator of The Boy with Big, Big Feelings.

Big Feelings Come And Go

Author :
ISBN :1988809401
Genre :Emotions
File Size : 67.65 MB
Format :PDF, Kindle
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Creative Ways To Help Children Manage Big Feelings

Author :Fiona Zandt
ISBN :9781784504878
Genre :Education
File Size : 74.2 MB
Format :PDF, ePub
Download :361
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To be able to effectively offer therapy to children, complex therapeutic concepts need to be presented in an appropriate and engaging manner. This practical guide provides clinicians with a way in which to do so, with numerous games and imaginative activities to help children aged 4-12 to express and understand their feelings. Part I provides a comprehensive guide to working therapeutically with children and families, while Part II outlines 47 creative therapeutic activities. Each activity is presented with clear instructions using inexpensive and readily available resources and the objective and rationale of each activity is given, making it easily applicable. Activities range from using an easy to make volcano to help children better understand anger, to using a ball of string to illustrate how one person's feelings affect the whole family. This book is an invaluable resource for newly qualified clinicians, and also a treasure trove of creative ideas for experienced therapists.

Daniel S Little Songs For Big Feelings

Author :
ISBN :9781534470903
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 57.64 MB
Format :PDF, Mobi
Big feelings pdf free download 64 bitDownload :326
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A new generation of children love Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, inspired by the classic series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood! This beautiful treasury of more than fifty Daniel Tiger song lyrics will help little ones sing their way through everyday experiences—the good, the difficult, the silly, and more! This is my happy song, and I could sing it all day long! Whether a child is playing with friends, going to school, or trying something new, Daniel Tiger has a strategy and a song for every experience! This treasury includes more than fifty strategy song lyrics, anecdotes from the show, and relevant tips for parents and educators, making it the perfect go-to reference for caregivers as their little tiger navigates big feelings, first experiences, and developmental milestones. © 2020 The Fred Rogers Company

Riley The Brave The Little Cub With Big Feelings

Author :Jessica Sinarski
ISBN :9781787755178
Genre :Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 67.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download :795
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Help your little one unlock their inner courage! Riley the Brave is the story of a little bear with big feelings! Join this super-cool, cape-wearing cub as he embarks on a journey to face his fears. Riley is joined by all of his animal friends who care for him as he faces his difficult feelings. Along the way, Riley learns how sometimes, being tough or loud isn't the bravest thing to be - sometimes it's asking for help, or being brave enough to let someone into your heart. Written for any child who is looking to unlock their inner courage, and particularly those healing from difficult life experiences or trauma, this book creates a safe space for conversations about complex thoughts and feelings. It also features an educational afterword for grown-ups which explains how the book helps children, and how to get the most out of it.

Thank You Mind

Author :Jennifer Cohen Harper
ISBN :1683733452
Genre :Emotions in children
File Size : 41.40 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download :390
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'This book teaches children how to use mindfulness to cope with big feelings and tricky days by noticing their emotions without judging them and using self-soothing techniques. It also has a note to caregivers at the back of the text to help them assist the child in further learning about mindfulness and how they can check in with their emotions'--

Read For A Better World Educator Guide Grades 2 3

Author :Tonya Leslie
ISBN :9781728445908
Genre :Education
File Size : 27.59 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Docs
Download :217
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This essential guide to building and using an inclusive classroom library combines theory and lesson plans for educators of students in grades 2–3. Discover how to audit classroom collections, incorporate virtual resources, approach tough topics, and build stronger, kinder classrooms. In-depth theory and essential lesson plans help grade 2–3 educators develop a literacy program focused on diversity and inclusion. Prompts for self-reflection allow educators to personally engage with lessons and adapt them to their needs.

Chicken Little Come Out The Sky Is Not Falling

Author :Michele Winchester-Vega
ISBN :9781642503494
Genre :Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 31.25 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Docs
Download :223
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Calm your child’s fear and anxiety with help from the classic folktale Chicken Little. This new take on the classic story of Chicken Little is designed to help children identify and normalize their worries, fears, and anxieties. With the help of some barnyard friends, Chicken Little, Come Out. The Sky is NOT Falling! fosters mental health awareness and provides strategies for improved coping. There’s a barn full of Chicken Little characters, but they don’t want to come out. It’s scary out there and they fear the sky is falling! But, with a lot of teamwork and a little help from Chicken Little, together they can calm their fears and phobias. All they need are the right behavioral stress reduction tools! Using beautifully illustrated, relatable farm animals from the Chicken Little story, psychiatric social worker Dr. Winchester-Vega offers ways to manage children's mental health and foster conversation and understanding. Inside, find coping skills, strategies, and two bonus resources for parents, educators, and caregivers working with children with anxiety.


Author :Nan Arkwright
ISBN :1736583522
Genre :
File Size : 42.10 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download :654
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When a young boy's tantrum sends him into outer space, can he stop the aliens from controlling his thinking? Joseph doesn't want to go to bed. When his mom asks him to turn off the TV, the imaginative boy's meltdown launches him on an intergalactic adventure. But as Joseph escapes to Planet Kelvin 273, he must battle the Green HypnoZoids to save himself from their hypnotizing powers. Joined by his beloved dog Gretchen, Joseph has to gather the self-control to defeat the aliens. But if he can't master his overwhelming emotions, he fears his pesky enemies will always have command over his life. Can he conquer his outbursts and return home with new problem-solving skills? In Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure, you'll discover: - Tools for addressing anger in a non-threatening and entertaining way - How parents can model positive actions to assist their child in learning to manage problems - A delightful story that shows effective methods for improving behavior - A creative view of the flight-or-fight response to help understand children's thinking process - An encouraging mindset for kids dealing with disappointment, and much, much more! Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure is an inspiring children's picture book suitable for ages 4 - 10 to help youngsters deal with their emotional reactions and grow from setbacks. If you and your child like valuable lessons, inventive journeys, and relatable heroes, then you'll love Nan Arkwright's fun tale. Buy Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure to become an ace with willpower today!

The Ballad Of Big Feeling

Author :Ari Braverman
ISBN :9781612197685
Genre :Fiction
File Size : 31.19 MB
Format :PDF, ePub
Download :364
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A portrait of a woman stranded between her hometown and a new city, naivete and cynicism, welcoming togetherness and the nagging feeling of somehow being apart ... The woman lives on a cul-de-sac with her lover and her dog. She is smart and sensible. She buys groceries and goes to work. And she finds herself reliving her childhood memories while she waits--for what, she is not sure. In the tradition of Rachel Cusk and Sheila Heti, The Ballad of Big Feeling reveals the mind of a woman perched before middle age and confronting the hidden contradictions and intricacies of everyday life. In the hands of an exciting new writer, Ari Braverman, it's a tale both spare and spacious, textured and poetic, frustrating and funny -- a delicately crafted volume that will linger in the mind of the reader long after they've put it down. It is, in short, a startling and assured debut.

My Sensory Book

Author :Lauren H. Kerstein
ISBN :1934575216
Genre :Education
File Size : 63.97 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Docs
Download :214
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My Sensory Book: Working Together to Explore Sensory Issues and the Big Feelings They Can Cause: A Workbook for Parents, Professionals, and Children. Children struggling with sensory integration issues have limited, sometimes even no, ability to do anything else. My Sensory Book: The More I Know About My World, The Better I Will Feel is a workbook designed to assist children with establishing a clearer understanding of their sensory systems and the impact sensory input may have on their emotions. The book provides clear descriptions and specific information about sensory systems and illustrates the link that can exist between sensory input and emotions.This relationship can be useful in children and adults establishing and understanding the triggers for their strong emotions, which helps make it easier to put strategies in place that may mitigate these feelings and ultimately help them cope more effectively with the world around them. The workbook includes activity opportunities for self exploration in the areas of sensory systems, arousal levels, and emotions and walks children (and their adults) through determining a personal plan for difficult situations.

Emily And The Very Big Feeling

Author :Celeste Cannell
ISBN :1925592235
Genre :
File Size : 49.37 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download :247
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How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?

Author :Jane Evans
ISBN :184905424X
Genre :Psychology
File Size : 61.4 MB
Format :PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A story to help children aged 2 to 6 years who have lived with violence in their home.

Some Days I Feel

Author :Yvonne Craig
ISBN :9798639095894

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Big Feelings PDF Free Download

Format :PDF
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Life for kids can sometimes be overwhelming, especially during difficult times. 'Some days... I FEEL. A book about BIG FEELINGS during difficult times' helps children learn that big feelings are normal. It teaches kids who are having a hard time dealing with big feelings to talk to their parents and then sit quietly on their own and just breathe. It works wonders and can help go from upset and angry to happy in just a few minutes.If you have a child that often has problems with their big feelings, I hope this book will help.

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