Amphitrite The Bubbly PDF Free Download

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The Addmen OMR software is used for evaluating OMR sheets, it is not restricted to just that. The software comes integrated with a design feature that lets you create OMR sheets and forms as per the layout of your choice. If you don’t have the liberty or the time to create these designs from scratch, you can very well use from the predefined, ready-to-use templates that comes with the OMR software. Simply edit the design to add your institute name and logo and you have a completed sheet design in a matter of just a couple minutes. Addmen Group also offers many OMR sheets in free, downloadable PDF formats that you can use for reference and practice.

Amphitrite the bubbly pdf free download for windows 7Amphitrite The Bubbly PDF Free Download

These PDF files can be printed using any regular laser/inkjet printer. Just ensure that the black index points on the four corners of the sheet are printed clearly.


Filled OMR sheets need to be scanned before evaluating them using the OMR software. You need not rely upon the old and traditional OMR scanning machine for scanning the sheets. Simply pass the sheets through a flatbed or an ADF image scanner for scanning the OMR sheets.

Here are several downloadable and printable files of different OMR sheets.

OMR Sheet Samples - OMR Sheet Format for practice

Pdf Free Download Windows 10

OMR Sheet PDF file for or direct printing
of sample OMR Sheet
OMR Sheet Format in Corel Draw file
for OMR Sheet Printing
Black & White OMR Sheet sample PDF for
Laser Printer & Photocopy
2 Coloured OMR Sheet sample PDF for Inkjet Printer & Offset PrintingSizeDesign NoBlack & White OMR Sheet format for Laser Printer & Photocopy2 Coloured free OMR Sheet download for Inkjet Printer & Offset Printing
50 Question OMR Sheet pdfHalf A411203450 Question test sheet
50 Question OMR Sheet pdf50 Question OMR Sheet downloadA411202950 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 50 Question
60 Question OMR Sheet pdf60 Question OMR Sheet downloadA411203060 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 60 Question
90 Question OMR Sheet pdf90 Question OMR Sheet downloadA411203190 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 90 Question
100 Question OMR Sheet pdf100 Question OMR Sheet downloadA4112024100 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 100 Question
120 Question OMR Sheet pdf120 Question OMR Sheet downloadA4112025120 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 120 Question
150 Question OMR Sheet pdf150 Question OMR Sheet downloadA4112026150 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 150 Question
180 Question OMR Sheet pdf180 Question OMR Sheet downloadA4112027180 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 180 Question
180 Question OMR Sheet pdf180 Question OMR Sheet downloadA4112028180 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 180 Question
200 Question OMR Sheet pdf200 Question OMR Sheet downloadA4112021200 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 200 Question
250 Question OMR Sheet pdf250 Question OMR Sheet downloadA4112022250 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 250 Question
300 Question OMR Sheet pdf300 Question OMR Sheet downloadA4112023300 Question answer SheetOMR Sheet 300 Question
JEE Main OMR Sheet pdfJEE Main OMR Sheet downloadA4112031JEE Main answer SheetOMR Sheet JEE Main
JEE Advanced OMR Sheet pdfJEE Advanced OMR Sheet downloadA4112036JEE Advanced answer SheetOMR Sheet JEE Advanced
IIT OMR Sheet pdf JEE Adv P2IIT OMR Sheet 2013A4112037JEE Advanced OMR SheetJEE Advanced OMR Sheet 2013

How to Fill OMR Answer Sheets and Forms

Amphitrite The Bubbly Pdf Free Download For Windows 7

OMR Sheets contain elliptical bubbles or checkboxes to mark the answer responses. Responses are to be marked in the specified manner only (check-mark or by filling of bubbles). Responses marked in other ways will not be read by the software and hence such sheets will be rejected during the evaluation process.

Amphitrite the bubbly pdf free download free

Bubble-filling in the OMR Sheets

As per the standards of the exam body, the bubbles need to be filled using either pens or pencils.
  • Use blue/black ball point pen only or an HB pencil.
  • DO NOT use fountain pens as it might lead to ink spills and blots.
  • Fill the bubbles carefully and completely. Partial filling or overfilling might be not be detected as correct entries.
  • Do not resort to overwriting or darken multiple bubbles. Multiple answer entries marked for questions which have only one correct answer, will be considered as incorrect entries and may be subject to negative marking.

  • 'DO NOT WRITE' Areas on OMR Sheets

    • Some areas are labeled “DO NOT WRITE”, and candidates must ensure that they do not write or mark anything at those areas.
    • OMR sheets contain index points at four corners of the sheet and they are extremely crucial for the reading process. DO NOT write/mark anything on or very close to the Index Points or the timeline of the OMR sheet. Doing so is likely to get your sheet rejected during the evaluation process and your results will not be generated.
    • Rough work should be done only on the space specifically provided for that purpose.

    Erasing on OMR Sheets

    • Most exam bodies do not allow the use of pencils, and hence erasing is out of consideration. Read the filling instructions on the sheet carefully before you start filling the sheet to determine whether you can use pencils or not.
    • Erase pencil marks completely without leaving behind any smudges or eraser dust; otherwise your partial answer entries might be incorrectly evaluated by the OMR software.
    • DO NOT use whiteners or blade to erase pen marks on the OMR Sheet.

    Handling the OMR Sheets

    • DO NOT use pins or staplers on the OMR Sheet.
    • DO NOT punch holes or tie the OMR Sheets using threads.
    • NEVER fold or crumble the OMR Sheet.

    Type of marks detected
    by OMR Software

    Dirt and Scratches
    do not affect OMR Software