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If you are a student looking for a good companion book to get started with C++, Jumping into C++ is just the right book for you! Written by the creator of, this book covers all the topics in C++ with the right tools you need to program and use them effectively. In this post, I have included links for Jumping Into C++ by Alex Allain.

Alex Allain, the author of Jumping Into C++, is the creator of and a professional C++ software developer. You can read more about the author here, view the sample of the book here, and buy this book here.

Book Description:

  • Title: Jumping into C++
  • Author: Alex Allain
  • Edition: 1st
  • Pages: 381
  • Format: pdf

With 32 vast chapters, Jumping into C++ covers in-depth explanations of all the topics in C++ language. From basics into C++, it takes you through variables, conditional statements, loops, functions, arrays, structures, linked lists, binary trees, and many more. It also provides a clear and understandable explanation of pointers along with strings and file IO.

There are many additional topics and ideas in this book that are rarely found in most other C++ books. These include writing larger programs, breaking program into small pieces, basic introduction to program design, standard template library and some other miscellaneous topics. You can view all the topics covered by the book in this sample.

Alex Allain’s Jumping into C++ also covers topics on editing and compiling source codes in different platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux with Code::Blocks, Xcode and G++ respectively. Plus, there are 29 chapters on quiz solution related to various details of the language along with 75 practice problems.

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If you are looking forward to buying this book, you can get much more than just the topics aforementioned. You can buy this book here, and get access to over 70 sample source code files, and the ebook itself comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Alexis Gets Frosted PDF Free Download

Copyright issues: The pdf version of this book is made available here for download for academic purpose only, i.e. for students and learners seeking this book on the internet. If you think this violates the Copyright policies of the book/publication, inform me at [email protected], and this post will be removed from the website.

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This is a book you ought to have if you’re looking for more clarity and developing confidence to program well. In addition to this Jumping Into C++ Alex Allain pdf Download, you can find more C++ books in our site here, all of which are available for free download. You can also request a book by dropping a mail at [email protected]