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  5. A Homemade Together Christmas PDF Free Download
  6. A Homemade Together Christmas Pdf Free Download Free

Christmas Party invitations. From the first jingled bell to the last scrap of gift wrap leaving the house, Christmas is a whirlwind of activity! The dates for events during December are limited, so get your merry on early, and send out invitations before calendars are as full as a Christmas morning stocking. To get support during your free trial, click here, where you can access a range of free information, including tutorials, forums, and expert advice. Acrobat Pro DC will be set as your default PDF viewer, but you can reset Reader as the default by opening Reader DC application and going to.

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How to personalize a Christmas Card

Did you know that we have over 500 printable Christmas cards on Gotfreecards.com?And the best part? All of them are free. So, why wait? Go ahead and create beautiful greeting cards for your friends and family, print them out at home in minutes and watch the delightful smiles on the faces of people as they open your personalized, printable cards.Christmas
It’s quick and easy. These are the steps:
  • Browse the cards in the section and select the one/s you like. Besides the vibrant Christmas themes featuring Santa, mistletoe, Xmas trees, and presents, you’ll see that there are several printable cards that can be colored in which make great holiday projects for kids. There’s nothing grandparents, uncles and aunts would love more than greeting cards personalized by the kids they adore.
  • When you’ve chosen a card, simply customize the front and inside so it looks the way you want. You can rotate and reposition the image on the front.
  • Add text, stickers and even a picture to make your card more personal and interesting. Choose from different text colors and fonts and several attractive sticker options.
  • Note that there are two ways you can print your card – one-sided and front and back. Preview both options and choose the one you like.
  • When you’re satisfied with your printable card, go ahead and print it out. Voila! Your home-made Christmas card is ready to be sealed and delivered.
In the light of recent events, it’s all the more important for each one of us to live in the moment and enjoy the little joys life throws at us every single day. Any time is a good time to stop and smell the roses. Every moment spent with a loved one is to be cherished. There’s no better time than today to make a special memory with your child and express your love to family and friends. And creating a printable Christmas card to share with them is a great way to do it.

Every time I see a paper star lantern in the shops, I think 'Wow, how beautiful! I must try making one of those'.

Well, I'm pleased to say that I've now learned how to make paper lanterns. My husband (the engineer) designed some templates for me, and once you have the templates making paper lanterns is easy peasy.

A Homemade Together Christmas Pdf Free Download Online

By the way, these paper star lanterns make pretty decorations even without lights inside. You could make golden one to put on your Christmas tree :-)

A Homemade Together Christmas Pdf free. download full

Here are some star lanterns made by Monica over at craftynest.com using our tutorial and template.

Equipment You'll Need

  • pretty paper or card-stock
  • printer
  • scissors
  • glue or double sided tape
  • needle and thread

The first thing you'll need to do is download the paper star lantern template . The pdf file has templates in three different sizes, so you can choose how big you'd like your lantern to be.

Print the template onto your paper or card-stock, making sure that you print onto the blank side! The lantern is made of five modules, so depending on the size of template that you use you might need to print several pages.

All done with the printing? Now on to how to make a lantern...

A Homemade Together Christmas Pdf Free Download Version

Instructions for How to Make Paper Star Lanterns

Homemade Christmas Ideas

Step 1: Cut out along solid lines, and make creases along dashed lines. Each module looks like this, and you'll need five all together.
Step 2: Glue module into a cone-shape using the glue-tab on the side. This is the view into the cone. Make sure you glue the tab onto the inside of the cone so it's hidden away.
Step 3: Glue all the other modules into cones too, so that you have five cones like this. If you like, at this point you could also use a hole-punch to make some holes for the light to shine out through.
Step 4: Pick two of the cones and glue them together using the glue-tabs. The two tabs of one cone go inside the adjacent cone, like this.
A Homemade Together Christmas PDF Free Download
Step 5: Continue gluing all the cones together until all five are connected, but don't glue the first and last cones together. Instead, thread a few inches of cotton halfway up the first cone, and halfway up the last cone, like this. Exception: If you just want the lantern as a decoration without any bulb inside, then go ahead and glue the first and last cones together.
Step 6: Insert a light (e.g. a fairy light) into the lantern, and then tie the two lengths of cotton together to pull the star into shape. Tying the cotton also makes the 'mouth' of the lantern close tight over the bulb and to keep the lantern in place.
Step 7: Getting the knot in the right place can be tricky. It helps to poke a pencil into the middle of the knot as you tie it. You can adjust the position of the knot so long as the pencil's in there. That way you can adjust the tension in the cotton to just the right level before you finish the knot.
Step 8: When you untie or snip the cotton, the lantern packs flat for storage or posting. Neat :-)

Caution: Don't leave the lantern unattended with the bulb lit inside it!

Some bulbs can get quite hot, and I'd hate for your lantern to catch on fire! The best sorts of bulbs to use are compact fluorescent bulbs and LED bulbs, which usually stay fairly cool.

Tape vs glue: I prefer using double-sided tape rather than glue, because it's quicker and easier to work with. However, a really hot light-bulb might melt sticky tape, so just be careful.

Looking for more Stars & Lanterns?

A Homemade Together Christmas PDF Free Download

I hope you enjoyed making a paper star lantern! Here are some more star and lantern projects you might enjoy...

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A Homemade Together Christmas Pdf Free Download Free